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  • Edius 5.0

    I have recently reloaded Edius 5.01 onto my computer after eradicating a computer virus. Edius loads ok and captures ok and starts new
    projects ok, but I cannot load any existing projects into the software and I get this error message every time.
    > Cannot open the project file
    > 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect.

    There is no evidence of any of my other non video files being damaged by the virus, which essentially took control of my bootiong up process. I may have updated my Edius to version 5.1 previously, but i would have thought that 5.1 projects
    would be back compatable with 5.01. I have been through all the
    application settings in edius and have set the projects to the same settings
    that i had before for HDV or for SDV etc so that is not the issue. I am
    capturing from an ohci card. Anyone any idea what the problem could

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    Update to 5.51. See if that makes a difference.
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