Expect that 4.5 will change your existing codec selection significantly. Until I installed the newest update 4.5 I had no problems with taking a "rendered to file: Canopus DV or CanopusHQ file into On2 Flix Pro or Particle Illusion. Now On2 Flix (.flv encoding) flips Canopus codecs 180 degrees x axis consistently. Windows media renders do not flip. Partcle Illusion sends back an AVI error not recognizing the new configuration imposed by 4.5 In fact Newtek Lightwave had the same problems though I was able to find my way through that. I have not re-installed a completely fresh version of Particle Illusion as I have been stunned by invasive changes to my system by Edius 4.5 - Long time Canopus user -very disappointed