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Monitor audio output on pc with 3g storm card

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  • Monitor audio output on pc with 3g storm card

    Is there any way to monitor the audio output on the pc when the 3g storm card is set as the output source?

    Currently if it's set as the output source then audio no longer plays on the pc with video on the timeline.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Audio mapping would be ideal, but is not the case with GV cards.
    You'll need to dis-embed the audio from SDI or HDMI and send it back through the PC audio.
    Audio mapping was a feature request of mine a while ago.
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      There is an analog audio output on the card. You need to purchase or make (parts avaiable at radio shack) an analog output cable that provides an 1/8" stereo jack in an expansion slot or through a hole that you drill in the chassis which is my preferred method as it is stronger and does not use a slot space.
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        I've actually already connected the analog audio out into the aux in on the soundcard. A SoundBlaster Audigy SE.