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    Originally posted by SoundFreak_HD View Post
    There was a mention of 'tweak' to your liking :)
    The op was asking for examples and a ready made selection of filters is a good start me thinks.

    As many suggestions in forums just read through what suits you and ignore the rest.

    Anyway, film looks is a very personal thing, if my wedding was finished like that they wouldn't get payed but that's just my sentiments.
    Hey Tony

    Certainly not questioning your helpful advice... forgive my dubious SOH and your pointing to Mathews tutorials is indeed great advice. As we should all know there is more to creating a look than a one off filter that can be slapped on every clip but it is good to have a base to work from.

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      I've been getting good results using a combo of the New Blue Color Fixer plus effect and the edius old movie filter. In Color Fixer, crank up the gamma, as well as the color saturation, and brightness to your taste, then in Old movie, basically unchecking everything but the edge darkening setting, though sometimes I use a slight flicker to make it a little more convincing in moving shots. The New Blue effect is really nice, but would recommend buying the GPU accelerated update to avoid stutter when previewing...


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        Originally posted by rando View Post
        but I wonder what camera they used.
        based on some yellowish skintones and aliasing I see that's dslr footage, probably 5dII with maybe a 7d type of camera as well
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          I think a filmlook starts with choosing the right camera, like the Bmc cinemacamera, then shoot in raw and grade accordingly. The cheapest way to get footage that resembles a cinemalook is to film with a Canon dslr, use the Technicolor CineStyle preset which gives you much more latitude and more possibilities to grade your footage. Only when shooting in that preset you need to be very carefull about exposure as it's easy to underexpose.
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            Originally posted by rando View Post
            I understand this is apples to oranges to me in quality and price. This guy starts at 4X my price but I wonder what camera they used.

            Rando. I know that guy and can tell you he is shooting with Canon DSLRs for his footage. He edits in FCP (or maybe FCPX now). That depth of field is from the DSLR and the nice glass he uses. Any colorization performed could easily be duplicated in Edius if a person knows what they are doing. Pretty sure he is shooting 24p. I can tell you some of the great looking footage that has that film like lighting and look is because he takes control a little more than many wedding folks. He doesn't run the day and call the shots but he will make sure prep stuff is done with lighting giving the nicest look possible instead of just walking in and shooting where ever they are setup. At the reception he has 2 50-100W lights up high on stands giving indirect light light that looks great at a reception. It's not super bright but with good glass just enough to give a great looking, filmic type of scene. Again it's about not always just taking what is there but instead trying to get the customer to realize they look better with better lighting and what bride doesn't want to look great in her video. If you are going to just walk into a prep room or situation and shoot what is happening you will seldom get that look. He will position them where lighting is best and they want him to do it.
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              Originally posted by rando View Post
              I understand this is apples to oranges to me in quality and price. This guy starts at 4X my price but I wonder what camera they used.
              Yah, all dslr. (see 2:50) Cheap and easy to edit with Edius.

              They're scary the first day out, but with practice it gets easier.
              I trust Magic Lantern to be a great aid with DSLRs.

              I'd be mortified posting that video with the giant smear in the lower 10th of the screen! Yuck! Otherwise, this is a good target for your video "look".

              Rent some great lenses and charge 3x your current rate.
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