Just ran a quick test here and am wondering if anyone else can confirm they see the same thing.

I exported an AAF file from Edius Pro 6.51 that describes a timeline containing clips spread across 3 video tracks ... I then imported that AAF into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and the timeline was successfully rebuilt and relinked without issue ... I then exported that timeline from Premiere using Premiere's own AAF export function ... I then imported the Premiere generated AAF into Edius and my timeline was rebuilt and relinked but all the edit had been collapsed onto 1 video track only ... to validate, I re-imported the Premiere generated AAF back into Premiere and the timeline was rebuilt across 3 tracks as before and relinked correctly ... I also imported Premiere generated AAF file into a 3rd party app that also correctly rebuilt the the timeline across 3 tracks.

Is this a known limitation in Edius import of AAF files, or is it actually an "issue" (aka bug) of sorts?