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  • Edius position greyed out

    On trying to add a preset I found in the system menu "system setting" was greyed out. I deactivated my Edius installation with License manager and reinstalled Edius 6.5 re registering my serial numbers. I then upgraded to 6.51 and ended up with the slightly confusing screen referred to by Anton of 6.5 permanent and 6.51 trial. On opening up Edius however in the setting menu "system settings" is greyed out still. I can operate Edius as usual but cannot add any presets or do anything under the system menu.
    E9 PRO ,Intensity Shuttle capture Nvidia 650 TI LG 3D Monitor HDMI Win 10 PRO 64 Bit.Vistitle 2.6, Robuskey. ASUS Z370 I7 8700 16 GB Hyper X black RAM 250GB 960 EVO. 2 ITB Disks

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