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10 frame jump on timeline

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  • 10 frame jump on timeline

    Does anyone know how to keep the timeline curser from jumping ahead 10 frames when you want to stop it at the exact point you press the spacebar?
    DVstorm used to stop at that spot, so I could make a cut, now I have to drag back and hope to find the same spot to cut at....thanks

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    What's your system specs?

    My Pentium 4 3Ghz HT processor with the Storm2 AND OHCI works fine and it stops right away.

    My other system which has a non HT CPU (P4 2.8Ghz) stops after a while.


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      Its a LAPTOP HP core 2 duo 2.2, 2 gigs ram, 256 video card, edius 4. If you watch the updating time code numbers below the right window, you can see the number stop for a nanosecond, then it jmps ahead 10 frames. You can also see the play curser precisely stop for a nano second then jump ahead to the unwanted position, thanks for your knowledge on this issue!


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        I have a couple of almost identical laptops but they are Dells and there is no problem here with the stop.