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Problems Playing back HQ & LL in XP

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  • Problems Playing back HQ & LL in XP

    Hi Guys

    I just upgraded to 4.51c & I am now having playback problems in WM Player with HQ & LossLess files.

    Under version 4.24 these files played back fine except for aspect ratio, after 4.51c update the file play back with the correct aspect ratio but with a massive ghost of the image along with a wild flickering effect.

    I am also experiencing some crashes when using Boris Red 4 that were only occasional on an older system (P4 with HT) with 4.51c & Red 4.

    Any one else notice this behaviour & if so any other things to look out for, PCE has also started to crash out on me.

    Have Canopus modified the Codec's or something?

    Regards Dave.

    Q6600 CPU - 8800GTS - 2 GB DDR667 RAM - RAID
    Main Editor - Edius 8.53 AdobeCC Mini Monitor 4K Intel X99P SLI Intel Core i7 6800K CPU Gigabyte GTX980 SanDisk Ultra Video SSD 1XINTEL System SSD 16GB Kingston DDR4 2400 RAM VisTitle 2.8 Onboard Sound 10GBE LAN WIN10Pro 64bit

    Encoding - Gigabyte Z97X Gaming GT Intel 4790K CPU Gigabyte GTX550Ti Gigabyte GTX980 Western Digital HDD's LG Blu-ray drive, 16GB Kingston DDR3 1600 RAM BMD Mini Monitor 4K Edius 8.53 Creative Cloud Win 10 64bit Pro