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    I need to clean up all my audio levels. Some is quite and some is lound as the presenter moves his head around. Any easy ideas for this. I have edius 4.5 and adobe audition. Should I export the audio and clean in up in audition and what are the best tools to use. I dont have any ckipping just up and down levels and a little wind noise from time to time. Thank

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    I think premiere had a nice tool for it. Normalize. I never used audition but I'm sure it has the same kind of things like frequency eliminator etc.. For the wind noise I would recommend filters like Denoiser or hiss filter or something.
    In Edius you can manually change the volume levels. That's all I can say.


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      thanks. I now know that I should have positioned the lapel in a different area when shooting the presenter with the dogs as he moves his mouth near and far from the lapel mic. I guess i will have to manually adjust those levels until happy. In edius its a little tricky to know exactly where the good level is. I use the audio level meter on the program monitor but is there a more accurate way of checking levels eg -6db etc.thanks


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        Edius lacks a good VU meter, however the one on the audio mixer is pretty good, keep in mind that when the audio mixer is kept open, realtime performance will suffer

        I often have to fix similar problems and I find it easy with using rubber band nodes and entering % values, I made my Y key the shortcut to value entry

        lets assume we leave main rubber band at 100%, quickly add 4 nodes in the section where the mouth is facing away from the mic, then set the inner 2 nodes to 150% or similar value
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          thanks. I have just began that process. I suppose in this situation there is no easy fix, just adjust the levels manually.

          Thanks for your ideas, I will apply those.


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            Audio Leveling

            Hello there... i´ll suggest VST plugins, EDIUS has a few audio filters but we have severals VST plugins and works pretty fine, one of thoose is Master Limiter and does an excellent job for this purpose... (please excuse my latin english)
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              Thanks for the VST suggestion. Master Limiter on my first tests seems like a robust finishing tool. I tried it on a Sequence and the track no longer blasts into audio overload. No crash (yet... knock wood)

              Nice first post Paranova Films.

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