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Quick lesson on uncompressed files with Edius?

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    Black levels in RGB are entirely to to the conversion process.

    EDIUS uses a "full range" conversion, meaning that "superblack" goes to RGB 0,0,0 and "superwhite" goes to RGB 255,255,255. This maintains the presence of values that may be outside of the legal range, which are often used as flags in automated systems.

    Other programs use a different conversion which assumes "black" goes to RGB 0,0,0 and "white" goes to RGB 255,255,255, thus cutting off and "stretching" the range of color values in-between.

    ProCoder has "Expand Color Space" and "Shrink Color Space" filters to compensate, but it is always best to know which method each application that it touching the file uses, so you don't accidentally over or under compensate for something that may get undone later in the chain.