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Lost audio on a channel after audio mapping

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  • Lost audio on a channel after audio mapping

    Hi i'm using Edius 6.51. And use video with (SONY) AVCHD 5.1 audio . I do the audio mapping according this video

    Two questions:
    1) I find it strange that if i look to the audiomixer to channel 1a and 2a i see no activity on the peakmeters for that channels

    2) After i do that i have normal audio from the imported video. But if a add aan song (wav) on e.g. audio track 4 , i cannot hear the audio. What do i do wrong???

    Thnx for helping.

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    That video is so wrong.
    That is not the correct way to set up 5.1 . It has been explained many times here with screenshot.
    (please do a search)

    You can't hear 4 as it has no output. Because of the wrong setup.

    He is just taking the audio from VA 1 and outputting to 8 channels.

    The best way to set up you 5.1 is using the audio tracks for all audio:
    CH1 = Left
    CH2 = Right
    CH3 = Center
    CH4 = LFE
    CH5 = Left Surround
    CH6 = Right Surround

    When EDITING leave the mapping on 2 out. (to hear all channels)
    When outputting use the mapping to path tracks to the put put channels.
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      Find two links which help me through it