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Edius 6.5 project incompatible with 6.0 projects?

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  • Edius 6.5 project incompatible with 6.0 projects?

    Hi, I recently downloaded the trial version of Edius 6.5 and worked on it for a couple of days.

    No I'm at least temporarly back to the 6.0 version. But I can't seem to open my projects created in 6.5. Is there anyway I can make this work again, or are the newer projects simply incopatible with the older edius version?

    -Sidenote: I can seem to open the 6.5 projects on 6.0. But my preview monitor leaves a red/black checkered screen.

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    As always projects of newer versions of EDIUS will not open in older versions. The best thing to do is open a backup of the project.
    In the future copy the 6.07 projects or open it and save a copy an use that copy for testing

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