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AVCHD to Canopus HQ for archiving: 2 Questions

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  • AVCHD to Canopus HQ for archiving: 2 Questions

    I need to trim and archive massive amounts of AVCHD footage. Since I can’t do a smart-rendered trim, my options are either re-render as AVCHD and lose a generation, or render out to Canopus HQ and use that as the archive (accepting the increased file sizes as a penalty.)

    My questions:

    1) Will a Canopus HQ intermediate retain more quality than losing a generation of AVCHD?

    2) Is it advisable to do any level-corrections when rendering a Canopus intermediate (HQ standard)? I know it’s visually lossless, but in my ignorance I'm afraid that deep shadows might get lost (or something like that,) and fixing them at this point might retain detail (though I’d rather not screw around with the footage at this point.)

    Thanks for any insights you can offer.
    Edius 8.1 WG
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