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Audio garbled when using DiscCapture

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  • Audio garbled when using DiscCapture

    I am running Edius 4 and trying to import a DVD for editing.
    The DVD plays fine in Media Player but when I import the footage and play back in Edius all the Audio is garbled ?

    Arghgh what can be causing this.?



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    Audio can sometimes glitch and become corrupt from a CD that is ripped too fast, or if you have a cheap optical drive.

    With a DVD I’ve had a similar problem and used a different optical drive and it worked.

    I don’t think you can slow the read speed in Edius …..

    Good luck.


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      Is the audio constantly garbled or just losing the odd frame?

      A few things to check:

      Does the disc contain multiple audio tracks?

      Do you know what format the audio is in? (eg. Dolby / MPEG / PCM?)

      A way to get around this - which is a sensible thing to do - is to encode the ripped M2P streams into HQ using Procoder. That way Edius isn't constantly having to reference a long GOP format. It might take half an hour, but we all have enough hard disk space these days.
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        Garbled audio

        Thanks. I'll try your suggestions and get back to you.