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ASUS P5K and Pci Express for Edius NX Express

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  • ASUS P5K and Pci Express for Edius NX Express


    This MB has two Pci EX1-1 (above PCI EX16-1(blue) for graphic card) so Edius NX main card in one slot and firecoder componant out board in the second one
    but ...
    with a 8600 GTS card with a huge passive cooler = physically too near each one !
    so is the other PCI EX (4x black one on MB) can really accept the firecoder card ?
    (small connector of the card in a long connector on the MB ?)
    Same pins connections ?

    Many thanks for your replies

    Canopus Reseller

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    I use P5B Deluxe with NX Express. It has only one x1 slot and two x16. They can downgrade, so I use slot x1 for main board and x16 for Firecoder, it works good.
    I had one problem recently... while capturing DV (!) i had a message that my destination disk too slow... (It's a RAID 0 and I made a defragmentation!)
    Anyway, I think that the reason for it was BIOS, that I put a few weeks ago, I installed a previous one and a problem is gone... at least for now.
    Asus P8P67, Intel i7 2600K working at 4.50 Ghz, 16Gb Kingston RAM, Windows 7 64bit, 500Gb system drive, 320Gb Data drive and 1TB RAID-0 for AV, Edius NX Express, EVGA nVidia GTX 570 2.5CB DDR5, 750w ALTEC power and some creativity...