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6.5 better with .mov files from DSLR's ?

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  • 6.5 better with .mov files from DSLR's ?

    I have a Nikon D800 and even with a new stout I7Core PC and 156gig ram it is a little sluggish, and with Adobe Premiere to can't add any effects to a .mov clip without it screetching to to halt.

    How is Edius 6.5 ??? Is it better/more realtime or should one convert the .mov files to something else before editing?

    Looking at one tutorial that talks about transcoding 8bt to 10bit in the background sounds truly amazing. Will this make the footage easier to edit/play back more in realtime???

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    I upgraded recently from 5.5 to 6.5 and 6.5 is again a step up in better realtime performance, on my i7 950 I have no playback or editing issues with my canon 550d files, even with color correction.

    I Also I think you are confusing the 10bit thing, you can't turn a 8bit file to a 10bit but you can edit in a 10bit environment for better color correction, that's at least what I understood from a tutorial done by mts films.
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      If you can post a link to a clip I can try it for you. I can play DSLR footage all day long. But, each mfg is a little different. A link will help.
      How do 7D files play in your system?
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        7D Images

        7D files play flawlessly here on Edius 6.51
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