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GFX Export + GV iDDR TURBO Setup

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  • GFX Export + GV iDDR TURBO Setup

    Hi all,

    does anyone know how to correctly export a GFX files with the Edius GFX Grid exporter to Grass Valley's iDDR Turbo?

    I have no problem exporting the files - but the Turbo still needs to transcode them to its native format.

    I was under impression that there was a way to directly export into the Turbo or is this only possible with the K2 system?

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    You are correct - the GXF exporter is for K2. Creating files for Turbo is done via ProCoder Express for EDIUS (to the appropriate MPEG target), and then you must register the clip in Turbo. Turbo should recognise the clip's properties and import quickly, without any need for transcoding.

    The registration process is an unavoidable step. Also, to my knowledge, Turbo does not support GXF/MXF wrapped content.


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      How do I register the clip in the Turbo?
      I've been through the manual but I can't find any reference
      to "clip registration".

      Which is the appropriate MPEG target?


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        From memory, if you're using Turbo in front panel mode, press "Clips" then "Menu" and then choose "Import". From there you browse to where the file is - either it'll be local (REV PRO, USB thumb drive, optical disc, etc) or on a network share location.

        Turbo will copy and import into the format needed - which should be a very quick process if the source file is in the correct MPEG-2 format.

        This MPEG-2 format is available from ProCoder Express - choose the "Let ProCoder decide" option, and then pick "HD" and then "MPEG-2 HD". You will then have to choose either "1080i 60" or "1080i 50" depending on how your Turbo is configured.

        Eventually you'll get to the wizard screen that has the "Advanced Settings" button - choose it and then from there, enable Closed GOPs and Use Strict GOP Pattern. The audio should be set to PCM Wave if it isn't already.


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          Thanks for the info.

          We're still in SD so a Wizard SD template will have to do.

          I'll check it out.



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            Yes it worked very nice with ProCoder Express for Edius.

            I've also tested Procoder 2 - but I can't seem to get it to work.

            Is there a setting which I'm missing?


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              Are you using the PC2 wizard mode or the "standalone" mode?

              In any event, I'd bring up the advanced settings window in PCE, and also the advanced settings in PC2 and compare.

              While you're at it, once you have a known good configuration for Turbo in PC2, don't forget to make a new custom preset!


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                I use the stand alone mode.

                I did compare the settings in PCE and PC2
                but there were several extra options in PC2
                under the advanced tab.

                The resulting files wouldn't import to the Turbo without
                being transcoded.

                I did try different settings but that didn't seem to matter.

                I need to find out the GOP number from a Procoder MPEG file - which software will help me do that?