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The next I/O board needs to come soon

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  • The next I/O board needs to come soon

    Personally I believe HDV is on it's death bed. Give it 12 months and i don't think SONY will be producing any HDV cammy's.

    I will be getting a EX1 and want to use SDI. I wont be buying an EDIUS HD.


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    >Give it 12 months and i don't think SONY will be producing any HDV cammy's.

    Absolute nonsense.


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      I'm hoping HDV slowly goes away too...they should at least use H.264 and increase the color depth. Of course solid state is much better because they can increase the datarate as well.


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        Sony are bringing out two new HDV cams in the new year with interchangable lenses so HDV is far from dead.

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        Ron Evans

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          I'm sure HDV will still be around sometime to come as it becomes the cheaper standard for consumer cameras, after all DV is still very much alive and kicking so doubt HDV will disappear anytime soon.

          Pro market I expect will be different and I'm sure something solidstate will come out which is high capacity.
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            Ok guys, you don't have to agree with me :)

            Let's come back in 12 months and see where it's at. I see tape as going going......

            SONY are pushing AVCHD and XDCAM now.


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              XDCAM = Yucky MPEG2 Long GOP :)

              I'm in the Panasonic AVC-Intra camp. Good thing I haven't adapted to HD yet, my customers don't need it (yet).

              We have our eyes on the HPX2000 (With the Intra addon) or HPX500.


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                The point is- that's not tape based. :)