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  • Imaginate (quick question)

    I understand that Imaginate is no longer supported but I'm still using it and will be using it on an older version of Edius.

    My question. I would like to know what is the biggest file I can import into Imaginate? I have this project that I'm going to be doing in Photoshop. It consist of about 31 pictures plastered on a cork board. I will then import it to Imaginate and have it zoom in and out of different pictures.

    Has anyone done this before? I have done this several years ago but I completely forgot the maximum size that I used. I don't remember if I resize the pictures that I used.

    Anyway, tia.


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    I think it was 20000 pixels x 20000...
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      This is what the manual says:
      "... up to 25000 pixels on either axis, not both simultaneously" (chap.1, p.3)


      "Imaginate uses roughly 8MB of RAM per megapixel. ..." (chap.7, p.103)

      Good luck ... I did similar things, when working with a very large image the only way to find out the real limit is to experiment.
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