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      Originally posted by Fred Dwyer View Post
      If I understand correctly the NTSC output will be a second delayed from my actual timeline position. This will also cause it to be 1 second out of sync with my soundcard outut. Would expect that I could use the analog sound out to get an audio signal in sync with the NTSC video. Is that so?

      The fact that Stormdave feels it's not workable without the NX makes me concerned about the "large overlay" aproach. Comments???
      Oh yes, should mention: The multi-cam functionality is very important to me.
      Hea Fred,
      I'm not sure you have the whole picture here...

      NTSC has no delay, OCHI (firewire) does.

      If you use your sound card it will be in sync with the overlay.

      If you use OCHI the A/V is delayed from the timeline, but is in sync with itself. So an external monitor sounds as it should.

      NX is good, and a worthy investment, but not required.
      Clear as mud, Rusty
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        Guess I'm a little slow. What I'm expecting to do, is drive my NTSC monitor from the analog output of the ACEDVio card while I am editing. While I move accross the time line cutting from track to track, adding transitions, trimming etc. I'm not sure how to set this up, but understand from this forum that it can be done. It was also noted here that the NTSC image would be 1 second delayed from the actual timeline position and the overlay. Is any of this wrong?
        Fred D
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