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  • Start and Stop Capture

    I am wanting to know if Edius has a start and stop capture option. I would like to use my laptop to capture footage as I shoot it. And while shooting I start and stop the camera alot so I would need to start and stop the capture also. Does Edius have a feature to do this? I will firewire the footage from camera to laptop.

    And if it does I would like to try it out in the demo download. Just want to check and see if it is active in the demo version.


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    Start and Stop Capture

    Yes. Have you read the manual?


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      Edius does not have a start stop capture that can be triggered from the camera, you would need to have an assistant starting and stopping the capture by pushing your saved keyboard shortcut for start stop, in my case F8

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      tape is best
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        Thanks Anton. I will be shooting to tape at the same time as putting it to laptop.

        I have tried the demo version and it does work.

        Thanks, Bret


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          I think the product you really want for live capture and camera-triggered recording is DV Rack. Safe Harbor is having a sale right now, they bought excess inventory when Serious Magic was acquired by Adobe, and they are blowing it out right now:

          At that price, it's a steal. I paid about four times as much for it (the original DV Rack, the HDV Powerpak addon, and then the upgrade to V2.0).


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            I think what the post is referring to is a "pause" function.

            I have inquired about this with tech support and been told there is no way to pause a capture once started.

            This would be a useful funtion when you want to fast forward past several minutes of unwanted video on a tape.


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              Hi Bob,

              The pause function would be very helpful to us, especially as we are capturing footage for a Same Day Edit.

              Since Edius does not have a pause feature we use Let's Edit 1 and Scenalizer for capturing. Both programs will allow you to pause the capture process.

              When it's possible, for Same Day Edits, we capture to a laptop from the back camera. Let's Edit has always worked great.
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              Mark Von Lanken
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                I too, used the pause feature in Storm Video capture. So...... I reinstalled Storm and Lets Edit 2. Both of them work but there is no overlay and I can not capture. However Edius capture still works. Any Ideas ??? Also can I have Let's edit or Storm Edit on the same PC as Edius Pro 4.2 without causing any conflicts .


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                  Yeah there is no guys can give DVCapture a try, it's free when you login to the site under general downloads. You need to have a GV card in there, though, so a laptop would be a no go.

                  Just buy Scenalyzer Live, it's an awesome tool.


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                    I have to add that I have had trouble with Scenalyzer the last 6 months or so. Ever so often it would capture the audio sped up. The only solution was to recapture. It was happening often enough that I quit using it.


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                      Have you messed with the audio settings? You might try resetting the settings by deleting its registry keys. Ive been using SCLive for dv capture for over 3 years now. I rarely use Edius to capture.


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                        Dave, are you sure you need a GV card in there? I can capture with DV capture through normal Firewire - using a Sony DV tape player. As long as you have edius 4 installed I think :)
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                          Correct - software-only dongle is enough for DVCapture to work (latest version off our site).


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                            You mean i can now capture three dv source simultaneously without Canopus hardware, using ohci?
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                              That's the idea, provided your disk setup can handle the incoming data.