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  • _cliptransit-02

    Can someone please explain what this message means and what, if anything I should do about it?

    The situation is that, due to two faulty Sony SxS 64Gb cards which Sony have kindly replaced for us, we had to ask their excellent people in Belgium to rescue the 120Gb of clips which were recorded on the cards.

    Each of the cards had two long sequences consisting of several sections which were ostensibly stitched together by the XDCAM browser when we examined them using the XDCAM browser. However, on export the browser reported an error and they were not taken into the editing computer. When we examined them in the browser the sections appeared to have black spaces at each junction.

    In desperation we had to copy from within the BPAV folder the .mp4 original files forming each section.

    When abutted to each other on the timeline there appears to be no missing frames at all and the sound appears contiguous also.

    Only when I scroll through the junctions frame by frame using my Shuttle Pro I notice at the first incoming frame the message in the title. Should I take action or worry?
    Edius 6.52; i2500K; Gigabyte Z68P-DS3; 8Gb RAM; 124Gb SSD for system, 5x1Tb HDD on board; 1Tb & 500Gb HDD off-board; 2Tb RAID1 out-board; BCF2000; Shuttle Pro2; Radeon 5 series dual display, HD Spark, HD monitor. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, New Blue Fx Art Blends, Video Essentials 2, 3, 4, Titler Pro 1 and ColourFast, ProDad Defishr.