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Edius and Canon HV20 24p

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  • Edius and Canon HV20 24p

    I'll be getting some footage on tape from this camera for editing. It apparently was shot in 24p.

    My understanding from some quick web searches is that this camera uses a weird 24p mode.

    How does Edius handle footage from this camera? Will I need any type of pre-processing to make it work properly?

    Anyone have any experience with this?

    I have both Edius 5 and 6 that I can use.


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    There's a whole forum dedicated to it
    here :)
    I shoot a fair bit on an HV20, but luckily for me PAL, and no problem at all with 25p. So can't offer practical experience. (I did have an NTSC HV20, but changed it to PAL- another trick you can do with these cameras and hacked firmware, via the site.)
    I'd try a 24 timeline, if it's possible- or just capture as 25p and hope :) (Edius deals with so many formats so well...)
    Work: Edius 7.20.437 on HP Z220 workstation; Edius 6.08 on i7 running Win 7 64 bit 6 GB RAM. Neo 2.0 on a Lenovo T61. JVC GY-HD201 and GY-HD110.
    Home: Canon HV20 and Panasonic GH1 (hacked); Neo 3.01 on HP elitebook 8440p i7 and Neo 1 on homemade dualcore desktop.


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      Wow - a whole forum to wade through :-)

      Thanks for the link Rob. Looks like I'll have more time to sort this out after all. I'm going to shoot some quick footage on an HV20 and play before the project.

      Many thanks.