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    Update on the ATI HD 2600XT, it's going back for a refund.

    For one the fan heatsink assy is too small and noisy even with the case closed. 2nd the the drivers are buggy with the card I've had 2 BLUE SCREENS, I haven't seen a blue screen for years. 3rd, the X800XL renders Xplode much faster in HD then the 2600XT in SD, so it's going back.

    At least I created a system disk image before installing the 2600XT. Re-installing the X800XL and re-imaging the disk only took 20min. The X800XL is very quite and FAST with Xplode for Edius and Pro in HD!

    Canopus/GV: DVStorm2 w/component-out board, ADVC300, Edius 4.61, ProCoder 3.05, Imaginate2
    System: MSI B75A-G43 (v2.0), i7-3770K, 4GB, HD6850, Pyro1394 pci-e, 6 Disks 2.4TB non-raid, Win7-32bit, Dell 24" & 19" LCD