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save Clip markers with exported .mxf file - Making ARCHIVE

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  • save Clip markers with exported .mxf file - Making ARCHIVE

    Is it possible to save clip markers along with .mxf .avi or other file?

    Before editing I want to select only good parts of clips.
    I dont want to store bad parts in archive.
    I dont want to have thousends of small files but ONLY ONE per object and properly named.

    (For instance - stamping_machine. mxf, rolling_mill.mxf....)

    HOW TO DO IT ?

    - I put all EX3 clips on timeline,
    - next I make rough edit, delete unusable parts, clean it,
    - divide to logical sections
    - batch export them as .mxf file with the same bitrate and other setting as the source footage (mpeg2 35MB .... segmet encode ) not to loose anything.
    - delete the souce footage.

    A lot of work but the archive is small clean and usable after years.

    Do you know any better way to do it?

    If I could save each cut point as a clip marker in .mxf ( like chapters on DVD ) it will help the futher editing. Jumping from cut to cut.