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Edius 6.01 lossless avi rendering output sound/vision "Not Sync"

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  • Edius 6.01 lossless avi rendering output sound/vision "Not Sync"

    . . . in some players


    I am a beginner in post production (as well as in many film production related areas) and just trying to get an output of my short film

    I want to get as high quality as possible output for 2-3 possible targets

    a) DVD format for film festivals
    b) TV broadcast
    c) Online version for the internet

    Would you please tell me what settings I should use/choose in Edius 6.01 in rendering the project situation?

    My earlier related question (not being answerd yet)

    my settings on a sample clip:

    input: .mov 1280 x 720 MPEG-4 QuickTime
    Codec ID : qt
    Overall bit rate : 8 309 Kbps
    Writing library : Apple QuickTime
    Format : AVC
    Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
    Format profile : [email protected]
    Format settings, CABAC : Yes

    project settings at edius 6.01:
    Frame Size : 1280 x 720
    Frame Rate : 25.00
    Aspect Ratio : 1.0000
    Field order : Progressive
    Quantization Bit Rate : 8Bit
    Audio Sampling Rate : 48000Hz
    Quantization Bit Rate : 16 Bit
    Channel : 4
    Setup Render format : Canopus Lossless AVI
    Over Scan Size : 3 %
    Audio Reference Level : -20.0dB

    After the render, I have tried to view the output
    -with zoom player and there was no audio/visual synch
    -with VLC there were no visual, just sound due to no support CLLC Audio and video
    -BS Player view has no audio/visual synch

    After I rendered it again with "Canoplus HQ AVI" standard settings,
    I have watched it with no sync problem at all using BS Player

    Have I done something wrong in the above situation please?
    If so how would I correct the situation

    all the best
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    Edius 6.08
    Windows 10