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Import Stills to 16x9 SD Project Peculiarity

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  • Import Stills to 16x9 SD Project Peculiarity

    I just came across something that's puzzling me. I've created some still images and graphics to import into a 16x9 SD project.

    I've always created them as 853x480, per everything I've always read about.

    When I import them info an SD DV timeline, they don't fill all of the frame. There is a transparent border on the L&R sides. I may have not noticed this before, but in this particular project, I can see the track underneath. This occurs if I use the image either on a V track or Title track.

    So, I got to experimenting. Changing the file from a PNG to jpg made no difference. I then resized the image to 720x480 in Photoimpact, and imported it into Edius. Edius corrected interpreted it to 16x9 and filled the frame. I next started playing with image sizes, and found that if the image was created as a 866x480, it imported and filled the frame correctly.

    I also found a workaround. I can manually change the PAR in the image properties in Edius from 1.0 to 1.0667 and they fill the frame. That means I won't have to go back and recreate the images, but I will have to go to each individual file in the project and change the PAR.

    Whas up wid dat? Any ideas? Just curious, as I thought Edius would automatically interpret the PAR for the project settings.

    Edius 6.06

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    make the still 940x540
    Anton Strauss
    Antons Video Productions - Sydney

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      Adding to the mystery is that I now see I'm getting different results if the still is placed on a V track or a Title track - the proportions change. Wierd


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        Actually, that might not be so weird, thinking about it, and how the tracks differ. The T tracks take things "as is" and the V tracks try to make the stills/graphics fit the project settings.