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    I would like to have all my Video tracks controlable on one slider on the right.
    I have turned off the VA combined track, and just have seperate Video and Audio tracks on the timeline.
    But 1V is seperated in it's own little section, like the al the Audio tracks are, then the other video tracks are all together in their section.
    Is it possible to have all Video tracks in one section, so I can use the slider on the right hand side to move up and downall the tracks?
    Mark Twittey
    Walkabout TV

    Edit 1: Custom Built 3XS System, Dual Boot WinXP Pro 32bit/ Win7 Pro 64-bit,
    Asus P6T Deluxe Motherboard, Intel I7 2.66GHz CPU, Nvida GeForce GTX 580 card, LSI Raid controller,
    5Tb WD drives, 12Gb DDR3 Corsair memory, 2 x 27" ASUS LED's, Edius 7.4 & Liquid XE, Boris RED, Vistitle 2.5. New Blue Video Est.III