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  • Overexpose

    Hi everyone,

    Please, I need help? I have some footge overexpose, I would like to know how to fix it with edius 6.0.

    Thank You!

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    YUV filter!

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      Drop the Color Balance or YUV Curve filter on the clip.

      The Color Balance filter has a simple Brightness slider that affects the entire image evenly, while the YUV Curve filter lets you control the shadows, midtones and highlights individually by creating spline points.


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        Errrrrrr..... If it is truly overexposed and the highlights have blown out then there is nothing on planet Earth that will fix it !
        The information is gone forever and can never be recovered!

        If it's just a mild case of someone getting over zealous with the aperture ring by a stop or so then yes, the YUV filter is your friend, but if it is a case of blown highlights then there is nothing there to recover I'm afraid
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          I'm always getting "it looked good in the LCD while shooting"
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            Originally posted by Rusty View Post
            I'm always getting "it looked good in the LCD while shooting"
            With my camera hat on: blimin lcd screens and their wildly varying brightness, unless your eye is exactly 90 degrees to the screen. I often spend some time while shooting anything long moving my viewpoint, and thinking- too bright! too dark! If using a flip-out lcd you need to know the camera... and use zebras!
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              This may help in certain circumstances?

              Copy the effected clip and place above the original
              I.E. original track 1 copied clip exactly above it on track 2

              Go to the effects tab and choose the blend filters

              In blend filters choose screen and place it on your top clip but in the bottom part of that clip.

              Hey presto you now have a underexposed clip brightened up .

              But for your overexposed problem I have had reasonable results
              in doing the same but with the multiply and overlay.

              Not perfect but can get people out of jail sometimes?

              Adjust on opacity rubber band to taste.
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