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Another Runtime error

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  • Another Runtime error

    I dont know what has happened- but suddenly I am getting a runtime error whilst encoding a program- and it happens at exactly 65% each time(over an hour through the process!)
    i am running version 6.07- is there any way to go back to a previous version as it was all stable until i put 6.07 on!

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    There might be some issue with the video at that point. As an experiment, can you try encoding just the second half of the program?


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      sorry for delay in replying- I split the output into 2 half's, and part 1 was fine, then party 2 crashed.
      I eventually changed the output from 10bit to 8 bit and it worked !!???


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        hi amgtv
        i have the same problem here now.mine is edius 5.12 ver. where can i find the way to change the 10 bit to 8 bit?

        Pabitra kasaa


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          First, you should update to Edius 5.51. Then see what you have. 10bit is in edius 6.

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