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    I have just finished a project and am now trying to wrap my head around the new 4.51c Version of Edius Broadcast. I performed the upgrade in the middle of the edit and started having problems. I eked out a final edit and now I am trying to figure out what is wrong.

    When I place a clip in the player window using the "Dual Mode" setting, the player window plays back at 8X speed and I have no control over it...none.

    Now if I change to the "Single Mode" setting, I have normal control. Any Ideas? I guess I could continue to work in the "single" setting, but I'd Like to have an option.

    My Sled is a dual core AMD 4200 with 2gb of 4200 DDR2 ram, a 250gb os drive and a 500gb render drive (no raid), 7600gt geforce and on board sound.


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    are you using Edius software? if so, which version?
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      Do you get better control with the J/K/L or Ctrl-J/K/L keys? Is your keybord plugged in properly?

      Grasping at straws...
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        Thanks for your replies...I am going to move this to the main forum, due to it's higher traffic.

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