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  • Simple question...

    It's good that I can freely adjust the size of the video monitor window. But it would be great to know by what percentage I'm scaling down the resolution when I resize. If I were working on an HD 720 video project, is there a way to make the video monitor window exactly 720 x 1280 - so that I have confidence that I'm seeing a 1:1 pixel correspondence without any weird scaling artifacting?

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    As far as I know there is no way to do that...
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      Too bad. This would seem to be an essential PRO feature - at least to know at what resolution one was watching footage in the preview monitor.


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        But a pro would monitor his signal on a broadcast monitor for seeing a true signal.
        Not a signal influenced by the overlay of the video card.
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          I agree with Steve: There is no substitution for a real monitor when it comes to judging the video output.

          But for what it’s worth (let’s see if it will really help you), here is a small program I wrote few months ago and modified for your purpose. When you run the program, with your left mouse button grab the ‘target’ and drop it in the middle of the ‘Program’ or ‘Preview’ monitor in EDIUS (you will see outline of currently selected window). When you release the button the program will start to monitor that window (the outline will disappear). You now can adjust the size of the window and the program will tell you its size and aspect ratio. When done, press the stop button or just close the program.

          Remember when adjusting the video window size you need to account for ‘video aspect ratio’. Here is what I mean: NTSC DV 4:3 project: the original video is 720 by 480 with 0.9 video aspect ratio. That means that the actual ‘bitmap’ will be 648 by 480 with 1.35 aspect ratio (or 4:3).

          Have fun!
          Let me know if it really made a difference.