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  • Edius 6 as a Transcoder


    What's the easy way to create a workflow transcode with Edius 6?

    A video file is created in a folder (local or network). Edius imports it into a timeline of a pre-defined project and exports it using pre-defined definitions to a folder (local or network).

    Is it possible?

    Thank you.

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    While arguably not the most efficient way, it works for the occasional project. I've used it to convert various imput material (including HDV) to the AVCHD file/folder structure necessary for use by a friend (in FCP 6). AVCHD mainly for the compact size of the resulting files. (ProRes files get huge in a hurry.)

    The workflow I used was:
    Load files of interest to a projecft/timeline of the desired output format
    Set in/out points for the export
    Print to File using AVCHD writer (memory Stick/HDD)
    Repeat above until done
    Copy the resulting fire/folder structure to media the other person can read.

    Source and destination probably should be different hard drives.

    Using ProCoder in batch mode is likely more efficient if it supports the needed formats.


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      You could use Don's workflow but with the addition of creating a batch export list, this will save more time. Although you may want to look at something that has a watch folder function, something I don't think Edius can do or Procoder. I think things like Carbon Coder and other cheaper software can do this. If Edius's own codecs are an option, you could very easily transcode the whole bin within a few clicks, but this wont help for more esoteric codecs.


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        Not quite the solution I was looking for but thanks anyway.


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          What are you looking for?
          Is it that you have video clips in format "A"
          And you want the same video clips in format "B"