Hi there.

Just looking for the best way (and explanation) as to how to burn out a native 24p or 30p file, when you record to 24p/30p onto P2 cards in non-native modes.

I'm assuming that in non-native 24p/30p recording, it is recording a 720 24p or 30p 'Over 60' stream with either 3:2 or 2:2 pulldown added.

I typically edit these files in a 960x720 60p or 1280x720 60p timeline.

If I want to export out the master as true 24p or 30p, is there a way to remove that pulldown, so that it's a true Canopus HQ 24p or 30p file - so I can jam that into flash video, etc?

I've tried taking a Canopus HQ 24p over 60 burn into Flash video (and having Flash burn it as 24 frames) - feels a bit stuttery (which doesn't surprise me).

I'm guessing that folks will say try exporting & using remove pulldown in PC3 - just wondering if there are other/better ways in Edius, etc. Perhaps opening the 24p over 60 files in a true 24p timeline, etc (which seems to be finicky sometimes - maybe only after opening and editing in a 60p timeline)?

Would love to get some ideas, thoughts, and overall theory on the pulldown practice and scenario as a whole.