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Problem with Edius 4.51 and Imaginate

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  • Problem with Edius 4.51 and Imaginate

    I have a few big projects that I have carried over several versions of Edius. I just loaded one of these projects up in 4.51. Everything seemed to "carry-over" to 4.51 just fine but...

    I have sever imaginate files in the project. They are text built in photoshop that is set to move over the video. They have been loaded in \to this project as imaginate files but during playback they won't move - they are static at the starting position of the movement.

    i have clicked on them and opened them in imaginate - everything looks great. I even resaved... still static in the timeline. Anyone with any idea what is going on?

    I realize I could make a direct show file or uncompressed RGB or whatever.... but would rather not. I'd like to play them back as intended. Does anyone have any ideas? Is this a bug in Edius 4.51?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    This is a know n bug in 4.51. Hang tight a fix is being worked on and will be here shortly. Until then you can render it our to an avi in Imaginate and then use it in Edius.


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      Try adding a sound file to the project in Imaginate. The sound file could have nothing in it - be silent. Use wav or mp3. Seems to solve 4.5.1 and Imaginate problems. You can then still simply use the IVP file(s) directly in Edius without rendering to avi.
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        however, you won't be able to lengthen or shorten the IVT on the timeline
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