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why edius do not see BorisRED alpha

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  • why edius do not see BorisRED alpha

    Why Edius do not see BorisRED alpha channells
    it is the BorisRED or Edius problem? Boris RED without alpha is simply useless application. can't do titles crop or modify clips

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    It is a known limitation with the Red plugin and Edius. I am not exactly sure of the why but I do know Red works in RGB and Edius is YUV so anytime you use a RED effect it is really tough on the computer(it takes a YUV file and processes the file and added effect in RGB then Edius converts that back to YUV) and tough on real time because of all the converting that has to take place. In the case of alpha Edius will read alpha generated in a file that has 32 bit RGBA but that does not happen when an unrendered Red effect creates the alpha. When I use Red and need alpha I render in Red to a uncompressed RGBA file....I haven't tried to use HQ w/alpha format and that would be best but I am just not sure RED will tie into the new alpha support in HQ. It might. AE does.