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Empty Folder with New Project?

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  • Empty Folder with New Project?

    Okay, this one makes even less sense to me...

    When I create new projects Edius seems to be doubling its folder creation.

    For example, my default project location is E:\... so I enter a project name and it appears that it will (correctly) create a like-named folder,

    so typing...
    "Popcorn_Hammer" in the creation dialog should create

    Instead, I get
    and the second folder is empty.

    Rusty ;{D
    Rusty Rogers | Films
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    You're right, it makes no sense. To quote from the Edius downloads page:

    "Known Issues:
    Here is the current list of known issues that QA have identified with the latest build of EDIUS 4.5 (4.51c). These will be addressed in future updates...
    ... A folder is generated with the same name as the project name in the project folder when opening a new project."

    Seems to me this list is not exhaustive as there are other issues that are known on this forum but not mentioned.
    Andrew Pinder
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