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    I just bought Edius 4 and it was working fine. After moving my computer to a different location I'm getting the following error:
    "Edius exe has encountered a problem and must be closed"
    AppName: edius.exe
    ModVer: 5.1.2600.3119
    ModName: kernel32.dll

    I uninstalled and installed Edius 4 but still getting the same message
    I need help.

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    Are you usng Canopus or OCHI hardware? Check card insertion.

    Any issues in the Device Manager?

    Sound card working properly?

    RAM seated properly?

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      RAM is what I was going to ask about also. You could have knocked something loose without much effort.



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        Error message

        I have 2 gb ram and check all cards. Now I have the same problem with another computer. When I reinstall Edius the problem dissapear and it works fine until I close and start Edius again. I called GV and an engineer spent 15 minutes with me on the phone and couldn't figure it out. He said that he never heard about this error. He said he will research it and call me back. That was four days ago. I'm still waiting. The dealer that sold me the computer spend few hours to figure it out with no luck. He reinstalled almost every program. Any ideas?