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Extra wide screen Mpeg 1

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  • Extra wide screen Mpeg 1

    At our church we have an extra wide screen onto which we project two 4x3 images through a Matrox dual head 2 go to produce one large image.

    We use Easy Worship software to play the videos. This software likes Mpeg files.

    If I play a standard 4x3 video it stretches it to fit the screen. I am currently doing some trials creating extra wide aspect ratio videos to fit. This is possible in After Effects but probably not in Edius. (But I can use footage made in Edius in AE)

    My question is. How do I create an Mpeg1 file in this extra wide aspect ratio without losing too much resolution.

    As I said, I can create a lossless AVI in this aspect ratio in After Effects but from there I'm not sure how to convert to Mpeg 1.

    I usually use Procoder Express with Edius to produce Mpeg 1 files.

    Any suggestions?

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    Use procoder express to convert the lossless file to mpeg1 - choose generic iso mpeg stream and set any resolution you like...
    Aristotelis Bafaloukos
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