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Some Help with Let's Edit!!

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  • Some Help with Let's Edit!!

    Hi guys this is my first post on this forum and i'm sorry its for something very basic. I have been using Lets Edit Rt for the last 3 years and am very familiar with all aspects of it. I recently purchased the Sony HVR DR-60 hard drive. I also use the HVR Z1 camera. When i try to use the clips captured on this the sound is corrupted. I assume that the sound is captured by the sony equipt with a different sound codec than that used by canopus. When i capture the tape using lets edit the footage is perfect. I aslo assume that lets edit converts the footage on the fly as the tape is captured. I can use procoder to convert all the clips from the sony to the canopus DV AVI video format but this defeats the purpose of having them on the hard drive. WHat i would like to know is this. Is there a setting i can change in let's edit that will allow me to use the original sony clips as i have tried changing the playback audio sampling rate but this dosent help. Incidently when i double click on the clip in the bin window and play it the sound is fine it is only corrupted when i play it on the timeline. Any thoughts?

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    It's possible that the camera is recording the audio in something other than your standard camcorder format, though everything I've seen on that harddrive unit says it records DV as a Type 1 DV AVI file, which should work in Let's Edit. However, it may also be a Type 1 vs. Type 2 DV AVI issue, but that's just speculation at this point--you'd have to ask tech support to be sure.

    If you are shooting HDV on the Z1U and capturing to the DR-60 in the same format, then the resulting footage will NOT be compatible with Let's Edit at all. Let's Edit was an entry-level, standard definition editing program and won't be able to decode and edit the HDV m2t files that are most likely being recorded onto that hard drive unit.

    Lastly, Let's Edit is a discontinued product, so don't expect any further updates or fixes for your problem. Instead, consider EDIUS.....