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Progressive vs Interlaced as Project Preset

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  • Progressive vs Interlaced as Project Preset

    Because my source material originates mostly from off DVD and my output is to DVD I have always presumed that my Project Presets should be set as Interlaced. eg for PAL: Frame Rate = 25 & Field Order = Upper
    But is there any reason why I shouldn't change over to having my default Project Presets set to Progressive instead? eg for PAL: Frame Rate = 50 & Field Order = Progressive

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    When you import your interlaced source into a progressive project, every field is upsized to a full frame. After exporting this progressive video to interlace again, frames are halved again to be fields. You loose some quality during this process.

    For some reason this method is very popular, specially if someone has no video out monitoring. I've seen tons of ad spots, promo spots and other short form videos handled this way. :(
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      In my case, because I work with video originating off VCR recordings, progressive mode is best for working with individual fields that have been corrupted.


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        VCR sources will be always interlaced (technically)!
        But if you have footage with progressive frames stored in fields I would suggest you use progressive project & clip settings to archive full picture quality.
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