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Distortion capturing from hi-8 and VHS tape

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  • Distortion capturing from hi-8 and VHS tape

    When capturing through either an AVDC-300 or a Storm mobile, I get some distortion in the lowest few lines of every frame. It looks like it might even be what is supposed to be the top of the video. Any idea how to correct this?
    Gigabyte mobo with i7 K2600, 16G Ram, Storm Mobile, nVidia 570 but I'm just a hobbyist.

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    That's the nature of analog video, you're looking at the retrace area. Just crop the image.


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      Top and bottom of the screen that is visible is part of the overscan area, hopefully well outside the "action safe" area, but not blanked as part of the vertical interval blanking. This part of the image area that is NOT normally seen on a standard tube TV set. Tearing or Flagging is not uncommon in this area, often cause by poor synch pulse shape in the signal read off a tape. A TBC might help, especially if the you find a playback VCR is so equipped, but no guarantees.