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  • GPU FX as a Keyer

    Ok so I stumble into the transform effects in the not often used GPU transitions folders....ahaha perfect for flying these graphic elements through the shot..
    flip in land flip off, and cool some little gleams all apparently in real time...Perfect almost...when the item which is say a 600 x400 pixel graphic flips in and lands it looses that nice shadow it had from the transition called Transform ...then on the exit shadow snaps on and item flies out.... Whats PERFECT about this is that I didn't need to CROP the shadow manually or the picture, just like the P editing package my flying items had quicky shadows and a PSD from photoshop with an irregular shape had an alpha shadow too! OK so the missing effect only comes on then the footage happens and then effect comes on again as it flies off...IF the item is a shape like the PSD or the graphic item that does not fill the frame, we want to KEEP the shadow and maybe the light thingy going while the transition IS not happening.. Is there no way to keep the look going while the item playing on the screen?

    Can we get the smarter Transform as the engine to 3D Pip? It seems to have the 3d Pip functions but not quite the easy to use interface.
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    Short answer Yes...
    but "easy" answer No, well maybe.
    All GPU effects are keyframable, so with that in mind you can apply one transition to the entire clip and edit the parameters to suit your needs.
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