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How to make prepared in advance pattern?

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  • How to make prepared in advance pattern?

    hi I'm using edius 6.1 .
    I know that ther is an option to take a movie that I already edit and use
    it as a pattern to my next movies.
    My question is how do I make and use this optsion?

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    When you say "pattern", do you mean project preset or static assets in preset?

    If you edited a clip to the beat of music and added effects and you want to keep that "pattern" for the next project (just having to swap the footage), you can:

    1. Keep the original footage on the timeline (eventually it can be offline), "save as" and call it "Movie preset" or something like that, open it next time, import the new footage and replace the clips via the few ways Edius allows you to do this. (My favorite is to "Right-Drag" the source clip to the destination one").

    2. You can edit the first time in a nested sequence and in the source sequence, put solids under the clips so you know the size the clips need to be so you can cut the next project correctly. All effects should be applied to the nested sequence.

    Hope that helped.
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      Why are you still using Edius 6.1? You need to update to the latest version.
      I think you will find that a few things have changed.
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