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Wow, I am a happy guy!

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  • Wow, I am a happy guy!

    I just bought OnScreenTrainings comprehensive training for Edius 6.

    I watched all the tutorials and WOW what a difference in how I use Edius 6.

    I am so much faster. We are not editors. We use Edius for our horse videos and so it has been pretty much only basic editing and most with the mouse. Now understanding how things work makes the editing fun instead of a pain in the butt!

    So Garvin when comes the next series? I am hooked!
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    Excellent enjoy your editing burnandreturn with Edius, here in the UK we have had the advantage of the Edius 6 tutorial for some while now from The Great Dave of DVC who IMHO is unequalled in this field. All knowledge is worthwhile so enjoy ,enjoy
    E9 PRO ,Intensity Shuttle capture Nvidia 650 TI LG 3D Monitor HDMI Win 10 PRO 64 Bit.Vistitle 2.6, Robuskey. ASUS Z370 I7 8700 16 GB Hyper X black RAM 250GB 960 EVO. 2 ITB Disks