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EDIUS 5.5 - Sync Audio and Video?

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  • EDIUS 5.5 - Sync Audio and Video?

    I would like to ask if there is a way to sync audio and video that is timecoded on EDIUS 5.5?

    I record my video on Panasonic HPX250 - and audio on Sound Devices 702T recorder. The timecodes from HPX250 is sent to the 702T and is recorded on the audio file header. I can see that when I open the audio file (under properties) - the timestamp is there.

    The HPX250 is set to REC RUN for timecode generation - and the 702T is configured as a slave unit to the HPX250. In other words, when I hit the record button, the timecode trigger is sent to the 702T - and it starts recording the audio "immediately".

    I bring the P2 files and audio into EDIUS 5.5 ....

    Question - is there a way to align the audio with the video in the timeline automatically?

    I know I can do that manually - by looking at the timecode written into the audio file header and place the audio exactly at the timeline.

    I don't see any options in EDIUS 5.5 to turn on for that to happen.

    Edius 9.4 Pro, Lenovo P72 workstation laptop, 64GB RAM, Xeon CPU, Windows 10 Pro (64 bits), 2 x 2TB Samsung M2.NVME and 1 x 4TB Samsung SSD internal. Panasonic UX180 camera, Blackmagic 4K Pocket Cinema, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema