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Grass Valley upgrade and support policy

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  • Grass Valley upgrade and support policy

    Hi all,
    I'm here to write what I think about Grass Valley upgrade and support policy..

    I just think it is pretty incorrect... for many reasons:
    1) The upgrade from Edius 6.0 to Edius 6.5 should be free for all, as it is an half major version with not so much important improvements...
    2) Also if the option 1) cannot be applicable, I think that people who bought Edius 6.0 in the last year should receive a free upgrade, since it can be almost unacceptable to pay again an upgrade after 3 month I bought Edius 6.0...
    3) If 1) and 2) are not applicable, a fair price should be applied. Paying 300$ each time for a few new functions is really unsopportable..
    4) You could now say me that, since I said the new functions are not so much important, I'm free to keep the current version 6.0 without upgrading. Well... here comes another BIG problem in the GrassValley support policy... in fact, as a new version comes up, NO further update are released for older versions. So, any bug that is discovered after the version 6.5 comes up, all the 1-6 users will never receive any bugfix update...

    I'm sure that a single post will not change anything in Grass Valley policies, but I would like to know what other users think about the issues I raised.


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    If you feel that the upgrade is not important for you please use the current version .
    Our policy is not up for discussion on the forum.
    We are moving forward and 6.5 is the next step.The software is not released yet so it is not known 100% what is or is not included.
    There is no need to redo the discussion.

    It is better to wait until all information is disclosed or when it is released before making any judgement or drawing any conclusions.
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