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Issue when editing to audio

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  • Issue when editing to audio

    I'm coming across a strange issue when editing some video to an audio track. I'm trying to time certain events (e.g. the strike of a golf ball) to occur on a certain beat in the audio track.

    Once I've done my edit, when I preview the edit by placing the timeline indicator at the beginning of the clip (which I'll call Clip A) and pressing play, the strike of the ball occurs exactly on the beat as I intended.

    However, when I put the timeline indicator at the start of the previous clip and press play, when it then plays Clip A, the strike of the ball is not quite in sync with the beat.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anything you can do to prevent it?

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    What format is the audio?
    Unless it is from the original video clip or uncompressed (.wav) there's high probability there will be sync issues. VBR .mp3 is often the culprit and after conversion syncs without further issues.
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      Originally posted by Rusty View Post
      What format is the audio?
      It's VBR .mp3! I've just converted it to uncompressed .wav and that has solved the problem - thank you so much Rusty. :)

      I love this forum!!