Exporting 1080/50P as HQ AVI, I have audio sync problem in some players.

I'm using Edius 6.06 on Win 7 64 Pro, my problem is the audio plays a second ahead of the video when the HQ file is played in any of my 4 media players..

1) Windows Media Player 12
2) Media Player Classic 6.4
3) Splash Lite 1.7
4) TotalMedia Theatre 3

The HQ avi works perfectly in Edius and also in the same media players above when it's later converted to x264 by MeGUI (then muxed to m2ts with tsMuxer).

If I boot up my windows XP partition instead of Win 7 and play the same HQ file the sync is fine in these players.

Is it a Win 7 thing? Is anyone else exporting 1080/50P or 1080/60P in Canopus HQ format and seeing this happen? No such problem with 25P or 50i.