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  • zoom and play back

    hi guys
    1-how can i zoom in an area of a clip in edius? there is a thing that i want to show it clearly for the viewer of my clip
    2-how can i play back a clip?is there any effect for this in edius?
    3-and my last question is how to create the following clip?(showing a clip in a picture)

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    If you want to zoom into a clip without losing much quality, you have to have full HD 1920X1080 footage, but edit and output on either 1280X720 or SD, use the layout tool to zoom in, as for that video, make a still of the video, take it to photoshop and add the paint effect and make some crop and lines to the left of the picture and fill it with black, then use that still in Edius and put it on a higher track and use luma key to key out the black, and on the bottom track you put whatever video you want to show through the black.
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